There’s sequinned suits, there’s bingo, there’s beards… what more could you ask for in a music video from Scottish trio Prides? Well other then a catchy powerful synth track and trust me they’ve got that one nailed down with their latest single “Higher Love“.

“Higher Love” comes as Prides first offering in 2014 after the earth shattering anthem that was “Out Of The Blue” released late last year. The track follows in the footsteps of the previous released from the Glasgow trio combining soaring pop melodies with massive choruses and an overall anthemic feel. The band mentioned recently that the track was one of the first written after they’d been out not he road and was inspired by the sing alongs they would get from the crowd and that the track was something they’d hope their fan would engage with. Well guys you’ve got my attention and I cannot stop listening on repeat.¬†Lyrically the tracks about that love that transcends all barriers, that one love where the world stops when you’re around them and everything else seems trivial.

Have a look bellow at the super cool video the guys made for “Higher Love” it features the trio in stylist sequinned suits playing at a bingo game (because where else would someone want to play a gig?) turing the venue into their very own stadium show.


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