There’s been whispers in the air for a while now ever since some well placed hints in an interview that Rosie Lowe will be part of the much anticipated 2015 Splendour In The Grass line up. Whilst we can’t yet completely give absolute answers to if she will or won’t be on the line up what we can tell you is just how much we’re in love with the new dark and artistic video for the single “Who’s That Girl“.

Rosie Lowe has became well known for her glitchy rnb inspired tracks that cross over borders and challenge us to reconsider what we think actually fits into the genre. “Who’s That Girl” follows that glitchy electronica/rnb hybrid that we’ve been loving from Lowe that gives us feels of a Banks X Jessie Ware sort of nature. The video for “Who’s That Girl” features the beautiful Ms Lowe standing in darkness covered in a long mesh veil whilst strobe lights spark off around her and lasers project patterns onto the shroud. The video which is as intriguing as the music behind it feels more like an live art installation than a conventional music video.

With her debut album set to drop sometime this year through Dew Process/Universal Music is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated releases of the year. There’s an intrigue and a mystery about Rosie Lowe that keeps me wanting more from her, to see what a full record from the young artist would sound like. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and keep our ears listening for more news and until then watch the “Who’s That Girl” video over and over again.

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