Sydney singer/song writer Kristafor Farrenkothen came to my attention last year whilst I was on a sound cloud binge going through everything and everything that I could find under strange tags that I could think of. At the time he had only just released his debut track and was gearing up to play his release party. I could never quite put my finger on what drew me to his music. Normally I’m the type of person who’s into electronic and synth pop artist with big productions and layered tracks. Kristafor is the complete opposite. His music is raw, emotional and stripped back to just his voice and simple instruments (normally his guitar). So I’m not sure what attracted me to his music but I’m glad that something did.

In the new track “Quiet ShoutsKristafor again demonstrates an venerability to himself in a tender stripped back beautiful acoustic track that is quickly becoming his trademark. His love and inspiration from City and Colour can really be heard in the track with beautiful and slightly heartbreaking melodies and a haunting vocal “Quiet Shouts” is another demonstration of this young artists pure talent.

Give a listen to “Quiet Shouts” bellow and feel free to tell us what you think about it in the comments bellow.

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