I think I've decided that Kristafor Farrenkothen is my new favourite up-coming Aussie artist. He's just 19 and just released his first single "This Fire" which I've reviewed earlier this week HERE and to be put simply I'm mesmerised by his music. He's still young and he's got a lot ahead of him but … Continue reading GETTING TO KNOW KRISTAFOR


This week I'm writing to you guys about a cool little indie pop band that are actually a brother and sister duo also. Their name is Blondfire and they're made up of brother and sister duo Bruce and Erica Driscoll. The group have just came off a line of shows this year featured on the … Continue reading INTRODUCING | BLONDFIRE


She's loud, she's a little obnoxious at times, she's a bad ass rock n' roll bitch in a bubble gum pop star dominated genre she is Porcelain Black. Hailing from Detroit Porcelain (aka Alaina Beaton) draws on the soul of the burnt out industrial city and channels it into her raw, gravely vocals married with … Continue reading INTRODUCING | PORCELAIN BLACK


FOXES... it's a name you've probably heard at least once in the past two years and if you read this blog then you'll probably have a good idea of who she is. But for those who may think that she's a German EDM producer or part of Rudimental allow me to enlighten you with the … Continue reading INTRODUCING | FOXES


He looks like a 1950's good guy movie star and sings with the soul of the greats, his name is Willy Moon and you should really take some time to listen to this 24 year old from New Zealander. "Willy" aka William George Sinclair is a New Zealander by birth but moved to Europe when … Continue reading INTRODUCING | WILLY MOON


"NoNoNo" is a Swedish tri0 made up of vocalist Stina and production duo Astma & Rockwell and before you say anything the groups music will not have you saying "no no no" it'll have you screaming "YES YES YES!". 2013 really saw the push forward in commercial radio of that synth fuelled indie sound with … Continue reading INTRODUCING | NONONO


Listening to Berlin trio Ballet School is like listening to Mirrah Carey whilst on the influence of some pretty heavy hallucinogenic drugs. The group consisting of vocalist Rosie Blair, guitarist Michel Collet and Louis McGuire on drums have been playing together since December in 2012 and was bought to my attention through the Last.FM app … Continue reading INTRODUCING | BALLET SCHOOL