As I've grown older I've began to want to dress more professional. Gone now are the days when I thought it acceptable to just throw on whatever pair of jeans and T-Shirt I found closest to me when I woke up in the mornings. The problem that faces me now though is how do I … Continue reading #FSHN | I LOVE UGLY


In this world there is a very small list of things that I want. An all black wardrobe, a nice pair of shoes, white underwear and a Macabre Gadgets ring. I'm not really picky which ring though because as you'll see each one is a stunning twisted dark fantasy which cannot be passed over. Coming … Continue reading #FSHN | MACABRE GADGETS


Okay so lets start out by saying I am really not that good of a fashion person. When it comes to my personal style I'm pretty much a basic jeans and t-shirt person with one of two statement pieces that make up my wardrobe. That being said my friends always tell me that I'm great … Continue reading #FSHN | LAZY OAF