popHRT is


Alexander James Wilkinson

Est. 1992

Newcastle, Australia

communications student

intern extraordinaire

life goals to have an all black wardrobe

twitter : @popHRT

personal twitter // instagram : @alexMYCS

email :

This whole thing started out in 2013 when I decided that I wanted to work in the Music Industry but had absolutely no clue doing what. So I wrote. I wrote about what I liked, about the bands that gave me feels and so on and so forth. Eventually I turned that writing for myself into writing for others and I became a contributor for several Australian blogs.

Things got launched up a bit when the beginning of 2015 I became the Editor for a Music Website which was super cool because it put me in direct contact with Publicist, Managers, Labels and Artists.

I’m still undecided what I want to do in Music but I know clearer than ever before that this is definitely the industry I want to work in. Whilst working a retail job, running two websites I’m also an Artist Management Intern and a Label Intern working mostly as a Bookings Agent. I want to try my hand as a Publicist intern as well just to see how that goes too. I guess you could say I’m giving myself a thorough understanding of different aspects of the business. Who knows maybe I’ll just do it all.

Wouldn’t mind working in Artist management, maybe one day have my own label/management group… a guy can dream right? We’ll see where I get to in life. With all the different sectors I throw myself into, I’ll have to find something I like?

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