New Music – 12.10.18

The Wrap is POPHRT’s weekly rundown of all the songs that we’ve fallen in love with this weekend, all put in one place/playlist and delivered with a cute little bow on top of it all. This week we’re falling head over heels for tracks from newcomer Yorke, returner Japanese Wallpaper and Eurovision top 10 Mikolas Josef + more.

First Light – Yorke

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 12.46.11 am

First Light‘ is a fitting name for the introduction to artist Grace Hughes new life under the moniker Yorke. Dripping with nostalgia and longing for a love lost the track almost packs too much of an emotional punch which I was 100% not prepared for when I put on my headphones to listen. Perhaps the track should come with a warning, ‘MAY CAUSE SERIOUS FEELS‘.

Give Me My Name Back – Meg Mac

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 12.48.58 am.png

The priestess of soul Meg Mac is back for the first release since her debut 2017 album and is holding back no punches. ‘Give Me My Name Back‘ see’s Mac return with the same vigour and raw emotional power that we came to love now mixed in with from hazy bass and soft piano chords. Much like the first song in our list this week this one should also come with an emotional advisory warning ‘MAY CAUSE SPONTANEOUS TEARS AND MOMENTS OF VULNERABILITY‘.

Shut You Up – Chela & Banoffee


Banoffee and Chela team up for the track to draw you into the fast-approaching summer season with ‘Shut You Up‘. Punchy percussion and synths dripping in sunshine propel the fast-paced banger into overdrive as the two leading ladies trade places at the helm directing you toward the dancefloor.  The track is absolute gold, perfection and so damn fun to listen to, gold stars all around for these two kick-ass females for this track.

Distant Places – Essie Holt & Lanks


Essie Holt has delivered a track which she premiered whilst opening for LANKS on his recent Album tour… that coincidentally also features LANKS. Whilst the track performed back then featured only a guitar the finished product is fleshed out with delicate piano chords and a piano that thumps like a breaking heart.  The stunning duet is so utterly beautiful and seems perfectly suited for this grey rainy day unfolding outside my window right now. 10/10 I am in love with this track.

Me Gusta – Mikolas Josef

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 12.53.01 am

Mikolas Josef may not have won Eurovision this year but damn does the boy go awf. His first single since signing to RCA post competition see’s the Czech artist flirting with a Spanish pop vibe giving us a track that is summer pool party ready to rock your world. The track builds on the infectious pop stylings that he flexed with his Eurovision track ‘Lie To Me’ and builds on them setting him up to become a force in the music industry and someone you’re not likely to forget too easily.

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