When I first heard the name Conventioner I was like ‘who the hell is that?’. It’s a name I’d never heard of before, but it turns out this Philadelphia artist has been quietly building a name for himself in a kind of underground pop scene and he’s quite impressive.

First appearing in 2015 with his debut single ‘Trouble’ and moving to his Legacy EP with zero promotion He’s amassed over 50K in plays on Soundcloud and a fiercely loyal online following.

His latest single ‘Never Breaking‘ is a personal invitation to fans into his world of intense moving passion and emotion, both tender and full of fire.  Conventioner’s – aka James Chester- enchanting voice seemingly floats on top of delicate synth swells underpinned by the heartbeat thump of a simple kick. Self-produced and recorded, ‘Never Breaking’ is the first taste of the upcoming sophomore EP.

Add Contenvtioner to your list of ones to watch in 2017, if his past material is anything to go by then James is destined for great things.


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