Mastercraft‘ the latest track from Aussie artist Kuren see’s the already accomplished electronic producer step out of the comfort zone he’s created with past releases and see’s him feature his own vocals on the track.

His first track with his own vocals at the forefront it’s not the most polished affair but that doesn’t detract at all from the strong potential that you can hear there. The vibrant percussive switch-ups teamed up with the pulsating anthemic synths of the chorus mesh together beautifully and position the track as a strong contender for a Hottest 100 spot next year. It really cannot be denied that Kuren is really one impressive and talented artist.

Kuren describes the track as “You ever look around and see all these beautiful things but get a sense of some kind of devil at work? This song is about trying to understand where our reality actually falls between heaven and hell.”

It’s definitely an interesting choice, and after seeing Curtis pack out the tent at Splendour In The Grass, the track seems to give a glimpse towards the direction that he’s working towards with his impending debut album. Having recently signed with OneTwo the label owned by ILLY the track show’s a real growth and strengthening as an artist that makes me excited about what’s to come.


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