So turns out I’ve really been sleeping on one of probably the best indie x electronic acts to come out of Australia… I’m sorry, I’ve repented my sins, please forgive me. Nocturnal Tapes ay…. H.O.L.Y.F.U.C.K.

A generous serving of pulsating house music splashed with sultry guitar licks and hypnotic vocals and gosh dammit you’ve got a certified banger on your hands.

Wake Up‘ the latest cut from the duo’s debut EP Visions IV (due August 25) see’s the boys raise their game to a whole other level. Written and recorded at the duo’s home studio and mixed by Adrian Breakspear it’s 4 minutes and 14 seconds of heart thumping, dance inducing greatness served up straight from Yamba.

Suttor describes the story behind the track, “Without getting too dark, the song is about how everything in your life is leading up to the ultimate moment of death; time is a way we all die. So, why are so many of us wasting our lives locked to screens and living in routine?”.


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