Visually stunning, sonically captivating, aesthetically pleasing all these phrases and more are probably tossed around a lot when talking about duo LASTLINGS but really all we’re trying to say is THESE TWO ARE FRIGGIN AMAZING AND JUST TAKE ALL MY MONEY I LOVE Y’ALL.

Already set to join The Jungle Giants on their massive national tour the pair are wasting no time and announcing their own east-coast tour which comes to us along with a video for the latest ethereal masterpiece ‘URGES’ – a track which will break you down to the core of your being, then build you back up a whole new being.

Maintaining the pair’s minimalistic aesthetic, the video for ‘Urges’ is undoubtedly thought provoking. Exploring concepts of longing and desire, the video enhances the track’s smooth electronica. LASTLINGS describe the video themes as “Two lovers separated in a kind of metaphysical space that is a representation of their own minds.  Stuck in this space the lovers must interact with each other through the floating mirror in the room that provokes their memories with each other.

Tickets at

Sat 23 September | Foundry, Brisbane QLD
Sat 30 September | Northcote SC, Melbourne VIC
Sat 07 October | Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney NSW
Sun 22 October | Miami Marketta, Miami QLD



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