Why hello there, where has this little pop gem been hiding out on me? I know Marina & The Diamonds killed off Electra heart in a tragic overdose at the end of the era but if you’re one of us out there that just loved the aesthetic and vibe of that era than Gallo may be your new obsession.

Inspired by a particular time in Gallo’s own divine lifetime with ‘Truth Or Dare’ she lures in viewers and listeners with her angelic melodies and ambiguous lyrics. “Angelic eyes, with a halo of horns, I can colour a white lie” the lyric ties the entire song perfectly together, as Gallo entertains this delusion of a lustful obsession.

Playing into her moody signature sound and vibrant imagery of sweetened lyrics and allusive visuals, Gallo continues to transport viewers into her own surreal synth smothered fantasy, bringing her words to life with the single’s official music video. Directed and styled by her go-to collaborators, Nadia Lee Cohen and Soki Mak.

Explaining the concept of the video Gallo says ‘It’s not about being a tease but feeling empowered with the understanding that there’s no shame in giving into someone intensely just for a few moments and not feeling lessened by it. There just seems to be a double standard nowadays. So I wanted to give people experiencing this an anthem of their own. One that’s not often sung about.’


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