If you’re from Australia and then you’ll know that Splendour In The Grass is basically the biggest, boldest and badass-est static site music festival that Australia has. I mean, any event that is able to draw in 32500 punters, 100+ acts across 4 main stages and three days surely deserves that title. If you missed out, then that sucks, so let me tell you all the goodness and all the oh god really moments that I’ve been through in the past three days.


Friday and I hit the ground running straight towards the massive inflatable HAPPY KANYE by Hungry Castle. The giant inflatable had been marked with some controversy earlier when it was first announced but really there was no way I was going to miss my chance to jump around inside Kanye’s head.

The festival really started off strong with Winston Surfshirt bringing all these happy festival vibes to start the weekend. Really it was exactly what we all needed to kick it off, something with a great beat and a danceability to get you hyped up and ready to take on the weekend.

Celebrating the release of her debut album that same day it was all smiles from Vera Blue on the mix-up stage. With an outfit that is without a doubt my favourite worn by an artist all weekend she strode across that stage connecting with each and every person in that packed out tent.

The Kite String Tangle made his first Splendour return since his debut in 2015 (coincidentally the first year I went to SITG) and boy did he go off with a bang. Danny’s stage show has really just grown to phenomenal heights and with a wealth of surprise guest including Melb boy LANKS he rocked it out like no other.

Though they weren’t billed as the headliner that night HAIM really stole the show at the Amphitheatre. Whilst the new album did seem to lack the umph of the debut, when translated into the live show the sisters bought a fun loving and warm energy to the cold winter night.

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In case you were unaware the best way to start your day is by rolling out of the backseat of your car at 11 am with a splitting headache and crawling your way to Beatbox Kitchen for a burger that tastes like happiness. Seriously, these burgers probably were the whole reason that I was able to get it through that hangover and dance the day away.

Speaking of dancing Confidence Man bought plenty of it. Playing their biggest Australian festival to date (though we hear there’s a few coming around this New Years) these peeps gave us high energy danceable indie-pop made for the masses. Strike a pose there’s nothing to it, Confidence Man knows how to get down to it.

To an early morning Amphitheatre crowd, the boys from Hockey Dad gave us a show that really proves why they were there. It seems like it’s been a long wait to see the boys playing the main stage at Splendour In The Grass, but they took full advantage of set bringing us some sneaky newbies and classic hits topped off by the first shoey of the festival.

Why weren’t Royal Blood the headliners on Saturday night? It seems almost criminal to have these boys, not as a headline act. For a two piece rock act these guys know how to bring a crowd and knock your socks off. They’re coming back in 2018 and I’ve already got my credit card ready to snap up those tickets after seeing their phenomenal Splendour set.

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I’ll admit that by the time Sunday came around I was pretty faded. I wasn’t quite sure which way the sky actually was or if I was wearing matching socks anymore, but there was music to listen to, so I pulled myself together by the boot straps of my Doc Martens and I made my way back in for the last day.

LANY have been a band I’ve been meaning to see for a while. All the teenage girls (and quite a few guys) swear by their sound, but I kind of always passed it off as some Tumblr generation crap. I was wrong. The boys from LANY know how to craft a perfect emotion filled set that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotion. I’m sorry for having doubted you, please forgive me.

If you want a party then you call Client Liaison, that’s just a fact of life really. Their outfits are outrageous, their antics are unbelievable and the kitschy throwback to 80’s retro and gay culture come thick and few between with these guys. Bringing Tina Arena on stage also just kind of heightened the entire spectacle that was their set.

Three bottles of wine into the night, but the severe double vision I was encountering was not going to stop me from seeing honest to god, next level human being and artist MEG MAC. Having just released her debut album a few week previously this was her first set post release and boy did she bring it. When it comes to MEG MAC you don’t need theatrics and big performances, her vocal is so next level by itself it grabs you by the collar and drags you to your knees to worship her. May have been my absolute fave performance of the entire festival.

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Yes, Splendour is a magical dream world where all your wildest hopes and musical dreams are capable of coming true. That, however, doesn’t mean that it’s not without its dark side, so don’t get too pissy if you think I’m just rubbing in all reasons you should be jealous if you didn’t go, here are some reasons it was great to stay at home.

32,500 punters 762 toilets… you do the math. By the time Sunday came around even though you could see they were trying to keep hygiene up, opening one of those porta-pottie doors was a real gamble.

I paid $50 for a bottle of wine that in the outside world would have cost me $15.

You got to sleep in a bed and have daily warm showers, I slept in the back of a car with my 6ft 2 body crunched up into an uncomfortable ball showering only once. Yes, that might come down to my personal choices but still, you had it better than I did.


Splendour In The Grass has once again lived up to its reputation as one of if not THE greatest Australian music festivals. I’ve already started to save my pennies again for next year, you should probably do the same, it’s only 13 months away now.


*all photos supplied via Splendour Media portal, for credits click to enlarge image*


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