Well damn, I just flooded my basement over the track/clip Charli XCX just unleashed on me. I mean talk about star-studded beefcake clip! I think she’s about to break the internet with Boys.

Back with a perky electro pop Charli says she’s back for a while, which I hope means we’re now getting ready for her next album.  Boys is a minimalistic electro bop which see’s the UK star singing and day dreaming about all those Man crush Mondays in your life.

Teaming up with Sarah McColgan to direct the soon-to-go-viral visual, which challenges gender and music video norms by playfully objectifying a star-studded cast of dudes which includes shirtless Diplo weight lifting puppies, Joe Jonas seductively drinking milk, Flume giving you bedroom eyes and sooooooo much more.

 “[This] is my favourite music video I’ve ever made,” Charli says of the uplifting visual. “I just wanna say big thanks to all the boys involved, for totally embracing and understanding my vision and being excited by the concept. p.s. no boys were harmed in the making of this video.”

Get all up on it now.


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