New Zealand four-piece free flowing group Yoko Zuna have made a name for themselves with their progressive and innovative approach to the electronic x hip-hop blend. A unique flair for bringing their tracks to life through cinematic visuals as served as another point breaking the group away from the crowd. We had the guys answer a few questions for us about visual storytelling and the work on their impending album.

First things first, let’s get to introductions, tell us who you are, where you’re from and how you’d describe your music to others?

We’re Yoko-Zuna from Auckland, our music is an eclectic mix of hip-hop, electronic and progressive music all combining. We like to make music that’s progressive and weird and surprises people.

I’ve seen your music described as ‘conscious hip-hop’ what does that term mean to you and do you think it’s an accurate description of the project?

We think there are some elements of that, but that comes down to the MC’s we work with, rather than us. We’re lucky to work with some really talented MC’s who bring their own vibe to the table.

What’s your process when writing a treatment for a music video?

Someone will come up with a simple concept, we pass the ball around the band and then Swap our drummer puts the ideas all together onto paper, and see’s what’s actually achievable and what’s crazy. For shooting and planning, it’s usually Swap and his team, and the rest of us stay out of it as much as possible and leave it to the pros.

The videos released so far are stated to be part of a larger series, is it something that you’ve already all mapped out or is it something that you think may grow and change with each clip?

We’re coming up with ideas constantly as we go, and it’s always changing. There’s something that will happen in one clip that will be unexpected, and we then have to run with that and incorporate that somehow into a future clip. It’s always evolving.

How’d you describe the visual styling of the project, what were your influences with these clips?

Swap spends a lot of time on the edits, making sure that the music drives the video first, and that the music is the focus. Our videos always look different to each other, as we like them to all compliment the different styles each song has.

With a new album on the way, what can we expect to come from Yoko-Zuna?

Our biggest work yet! We just want to keep surprising people and making music that people find interesting, and hopefully, this new record will do that.


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