Take one part sublime pop, add some gorgeous Aussie electronic production flair and litter with beautiful and emotional lyrics sung by the voice of some kind of higher being and then you have what seems to have been the recipe for Panama‘s much anticipated new EP Hope For Something.

The ep jumps from energetic leaning on power-pop moments to the sober emotionally destroying moments with an ease. Showing the insane level of control and finesse that Jarrah McLeary has built up through his career.

Title track Hope For Something has me raising my hands in the air and praising some kind of higher being as the energy builds through the verse and explodes like some kind of technicolour dream in the chorus with marching band drums. This is followed up by classically 80’s in feel lush new-wave track I Watched You Slip with wobbling bass and synths and a groove about it that bears down into your bones.

Things slow down a bit with the emotionally tense piano driven start to The Highs. Jarrah takes you from feeling your groove to feeling all the feels in a matter of seconds with the contract between the end of the last track and this one. Creating an emotionally driven and relatable track has always been something that Panama has done with a certain flair. Jarrah pleas ‘Can we just start again,‘ whilst the track builds in intensity and breaks out into a highly dancing with tears in your eyes kind of moment.

The final two tracks both have a certain type of soul about them, which can also be said for the EP as a whole. There’s this overwhelming swelling of emotions and embracing warmth about it all. Your Love (Lift Us Up) powers you through the end of the EP with expanding church organs and inquisitive synths overlayed one another. We end the EP just as we started with palms raised to the sky looking into the wide blue sky above us and with a feeling that no matter what life has to throw at us, we’re strong enough to get through it all.

♡ ♡ ♡ / 5


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