If it seems like the debut album from Perth indie x electronic trio Crooked Colours has been a long time to come, then you’d be right. Since their 2014 debut, it’s been a bit of stop and start for the group, a lot of waiting and wondering when we were going to get this release. However, when the music is as good as the material on Vera you kind of don’t mind the wait.

A timeless mix of silky indie and electronic fusion presents Vera in a special and albeit it slightly awkward area where it’s too chill to really dance to and simultaneously too upbeat to fully bliss out to. It’s an odd tension between the two that runs through the album, but it’s not a hindrance in any way to its own brilliance. Clean guitar licks and persuasive percussion kick off the love affair that is Flow and really sets the tone for what is to come from the Perth trio. Lead vocalist Phillip Slabber seems to have the sultry smooth vocals down to a fine art enticing us in deeper with his charms in Show Me and the slow build of Running Blind.

The album’s titular track Vera see’s the boys go head-first into a silky instrumental track, the absence of vocals doesn’t take away from the drama and emotion of the track, it feels like every element is present that needs to be there at the time. Come Back To You is without a doubt my personal highlight of the entire album. The perfect mixture of glistening synths and guitar groove the track is really just a massive standout on an album full of strong material. The chorus still gives me goosebumps, to be honest. I may be in love.

Crooked Colours have brought to the table a strong debut that was well worth the 3 years wait since their first soiree. Walking a tightrope between classic dancy electronica and too-cool-for-school indie-rock borrowing elements from both have just further cemented themselves as one of the strongest bands Australia has seen in recent years.

♡♡♡♡ / 5


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