Healyum are probably my favourite personal discovery out of the U.K thus far in 2017. A terrific blend of London Grammar, Haim and Ellie Goulding their gorgeous brand of dreamy pop-rock tracks enthral the senses and take me on an outer body experience every time I listen I listen to their material.

Their latest track and third release in total Lies is a strong leap forward for the Belford group that seems to be just rising from one high to the next. The production from Kristofer Harris see’s ominous percussion breaks through the oozing synths and inquisitive guitar licks that dance through the track. 16-year-old singer/songwriter Jeaná Healy’s (no relation to The 1975 though perhaps destined for similar greatness) has a mature vocal tone that artist in their 30’s still struggling to find.

Destined for greatness is something that seems a certainty for this group if they keep things up the way they’re going. I only hope that when I’m visiting the U.K. in March next year that these guys will have a show on that I can get along to.



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