Atelophobia is the fear of not doing something right or the fear of not being good enough, it’s also the name of Melbourne electro-pop artist Evangeline‘s debut EP and it is gorgeous. Combining elements of electro-pop, EDM and RNB into a neatly packaged 16 minute offering Evangeline showcases her extraordinary versatility as an artist and as far as debut EP’s go it’s a home run smashed right out of the park.

The EP grows on you with every listen, it’s all killer no filler that’s for sure. Exploring the darker issues in life of love, drugs, relationships Evangeline’s boast heavy hitting and emotionally charged lyrics with grimy, and charged up production built for the dancefloor. In many ways the more I listen the more I can start to draw comparisons between Atelophobia and the greatest album of all time The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga.

Kicking on strong with club-ready tracks Take Me Home and Monster are the two stand out tracks on the EP. Take Me Home builds to epic heights before drops worthy of any DJ worth his hustle. Evangeline’s vocals come across breathy, enchanting, soft yet maintaining a harder, bolder more defiant undertone throughout the chorus. Monster is my new fave track. Scuzzy 80’s synths mix with hazy bass before bursting into an insatiable and demanding chorus that rocks you to your core dragging you from your seat towards your nearest dancefloor.

Hurting Me packs an high-intensity emotional punch. The track which starts as a commanding piano driven ballad as she sings ‘Your body is a castle, your mind is a trap, you’re killing yourself and you’re all that I have,’ quickly escalates into a fast-paced and chaotic chorus as she calls out over and over again ‘You’re hurting me,‘ over the spaced out synths and trip-pop percussion. It’s a raw and unfiltered moment which allows Evangeline to explore the hurt and loss in life and paint it onto a canvas with her memorable stylings.

Evangeline is an artist on the rise. She is a modern day superstar just waiting under the sand ready for the general population and Triple J to get behind. Her artistry is something that cannot be mass-produced by studio execs, she is truly and artist of her own adhering to no confinement that society tries to place on her as an artist. She is the pop artist that Australia needs and it’s about time we all got behind her.


♡♡♡♡ / 5


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