For me, nothing will ever compare to The Killers debut album Hot Fuss which saw it’s initial release all the way back in 2004. I was 11, my father had just walked out on our family leaving my sister and I to be brought up by our Mother. The album kind of came along with it’s kind of danceable melancholy and it was just something I really became attached too.

Thirteen years on from Hot Fuss though and The Killers are still kicking on. Now with five albums under their belt, a wall of accolades and same stylish good looks that made them the heartthrobs of the 00’s the Las Vegas group are gearing up for album #6 and kicking it all off with a funk-filled banger The Man.

A departure from their stadium ready rock sound of albums past, The Man offers a full on groovy earworm of a monster with thick basslines, shimmering synths and Flowers sickly sweet falsetto that wavers in and out throughout the track. They’re bringing their sound straight to the club these days with a distinct nod perhaps towards some influence from French duo Daft Punk. Check it out now and get down to that insatiable groove.



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