The Toronto synth-pop scene is alive and booming in 2017, with a series of runaway hits been thrown at us left, right and centre from the snowy country. Allie X has been the champion of blog propelled pop music over the past few years. Her avant-garde artistic approach to pop music has put her dead centre of my radar.

Collxtion II see’s a departure from the soaring pop melodies of Collxtion I and see’s Allie X venture into a darker, less theatrical realm of pop and more into classic slightly RNB tinged 80’s synth pop. Crafting her dark pop sound into something that is palatable for both the mainstream pop charts and the DIY indie fans out there tracks like That’s so Us, Paper Love and Need You satisfy you upon first listen and drag you deeper into her narrative.

She goes balls-to-the-wall in big pop moments like the super suave Vintage and fan favourite Old Habits Die Hard. The tracks build and swell around those pivotal chorus’s that deliver a powerful sucker-punch to the jaw with memorable hooks and jaw-dropping pop moments.

Throughout the release, it’s evident that Allie X is an artist with a clear war path and a flair for production. The careful composition of tracks like Simon Says and True Love Is Violent prove that point. The later an emotional ballad with well throughout production cues may be the slowest track on the release but its execution makes it just as powerful as any of the bangers that came before it.

A triumphant release from an artist who’s really just starting to come into her own now, Allie X combines gritty narrative with well thought out and precise production to bring us one of the most iconic pop releases for 2017 so far.


♡♡♡♡ / 5


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