It’s a sad reality that we live in dangerous times. I sometimes long for the days of my childhood, of that completely unaware and pure outlook on the world. What happened in Manchester, I was lost for words. As someone who started going to concerts when I was eight, it seemed unfathomable to myself that anyone out there in the world would target a time in someone’s life that is filled with such joy and happiness. I’ve never felt more at peace and at home than being in the middle of a mosh surrounded by like minded people revelling in the euphoria that concerts bring.

I’m really not kind of sure what to say about what happened. I just really want to express my deepest sympathies to those that have been affected by this. To those who were taken too soon by a senseless act at a point when they should have been at their height of happiness.

If there is one glimmer of hope to come from this tragic situation it is watching the community come together to remember those and help each other. In dark times we often see the best in humanity come out in one another. Watching not only the community of Manchester but the entire world come together is something truly amazing to behold. The One Love Manchester benefit concert was one of the most uplifting and awe-inspiring things to watch.

Though we may not know one each other we stand together, we are one, and we will stay strong through these dark times.

You can donate to the Red Cross Manchester fund HERE. The net proceeds of the sale of all One Love Manchester merchandise will be donated to the British Red Cross Society as well. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE FUND, PLEASE VISIT REDCROSS.ORG.UK



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