I.C.Y.M.I. (In Case You Missed It) is a weekly wrap up of 5 tracks released through the last week just in case you missed them.



Cain is the most emotional charge thing to come from U.S duo Exes yet. The track drips in feelings a tidal wave washing over you as you try to fight back the tears. The story behind the track is utterly heartbreaking.  Speaking of the track Allie says it ‘might be the most difficult and personal song we’ve ever written. Cain was my muse–my inspiration–my first love. Although we were thousands of miles apart, we somehow found each other years ago. Our virtual relationship was composed purely of poems, songs, words, emails. I was never able to touch or meet Cain–he passed away in 2015. 6 months after his death, in what felt like a movie, I flew to England to meet his friends and family. This song is about that night I spent with his mom and best friend drinking champagne and dancing until the sun came up‘.


There’s something so endearing about Dan Croll and his music. Maybe it’s his thick-rimmed glasses that give him that geeky music nerd vibe? I’m not sure, but his latest track Bad Boy is an infectious indie-pop bop and a half. It’s got that little bit of 50’s meets 80’s rock inspiration vibe about it which is just great. His music just keeps getting better and better with each track he releases, there’s no stopping Dan Croll.


KLP has all the makings of the next big pop act for Australia. I mean yes she originates from the Triple J crowd, but with new track Changes I don’t see why she couldn’t cross into the mainstream pop world and take it by storm. There’s chants, horns, blazing synths and a real energetic vibe about the track you can just see the song being performed live in front of a festival crowd and it absolutely going awffffff.


Saint comes as the latest single in the lead up to U.S.A’s Vérité‘s debut album release which is due out June 23rd. The hardened electro-pop track showcases just why she’s been such a hyped artist around the states. Infectious pop melodies and buzzing synths collide with one another underpinned by the gritty bassline that runs through the track. She is totally in her element with this track and she is killing it.


If you know me out in the real world then you’d probably say that Blonder isn’t really my kind of music. Which I suppose is true, I do tend to move away from guitar driven tracks for the synths, but that really that just adds weight to it when I say In & Out is probably the best indie track to be released period!. There’s a kind of element in there which gives me reminders of Hot Fuss the debut album from Las Vegas group The Killers to be honest. Whatever it is, I love it!


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