meg mac

Meg Mac is an artist who really doesn’t need any fancy over the top production to create a great track. Her vocal is always at the forefront of any of her tracks leading the way with her soulful tones and intelligent lyricism. The latest track to be released from the Melbourne singer’s debut album Low Blows (July 14th) is an emotionally charged ballad Maybe It’s My First Time where Meg lays it all out on the table for all to see.

A track about pushing through the hard times in life Meg’s voice may be filled with vulnerability yet powerful and commanding. Her soulful tones play well with the piano and drumkit that dominate the production on the track. Meg Mac is someone who has figured out the less is more equation when it comes to music.

Maybe it’s My First Time’ is about trying to get through a bad time. When you’re hurt, you can keep going over and over the pain in your head and drive yourself crazy,‘ Mac said in a statement. ‘I wanted to stop all that and only look back once and be done with it. To cruise past my pain instead of living in it.’

Low Blows is out July 14th via littleBIGMAN records.


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