All the nights spent off our faces, tryna find these perfect places, what the fuck are perfect places, anyway?’


Lorde‘s war path for her sophomore album Melodrama is out in full force this week with the kiwi releasing the second official and in her own words ‘favourite’ single from the album Perfect Places.

With the concept of Melodrama being based around a house party and the track sitting as the closer of the album, I’d assume that the party was a good one? Anthemic in sound with a chorus that will get stuck in your head and be the subject of many¬†questionable drunken sing-a-longs at house parties to come.

I’m really enjoying the new poppier vibe that Lorde seems to be going for with this album. It’s a definite change from the less is more production vibes of the album, but she’s taking us on a journey as she’s growing up, trying different things and letting us in on her experiences.

Melodrama is due out June 16th via Universal Music.


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