Wollongong… I know nothing about it. I mean it’s a place just south of Sydney, it’s beachy from what I’ve heard, and I’ve also heard the beers are always cold and chips come smothered in tomato sauce… so I suppose straight off the bat it’s got that going for it.

Something else about the Gong is that over the last few years the peaceful beachside town has been playing host to one of the greatest Australian music festivals that isn’t Splendour In The Grass. Yours and Owls has bought some of the biggest lineups of kick-ass national and perpetually awesome international guest that we’ve seen from recent memory and the 2017 lineup is no different. Tickets are already on sale and going fast for the two-day Ultimate September weekender so we’d thought I’d dissect the lineup and give you the lowdown on who (in my opinion) cannot be missed.

But first here’s the full lineup.


Lights, glitter, strobe lights… GET DOWN! Confidence Man have came out of nowhere last year with their groove inducing debut Boyfriend (Repeat) . It’s a loose track that inspires everyone who hears it to get down and boogie on the dancefloor. They’ve followed that up with a secondly and equally infection sugary alt-pop track Bubblegum who’s whistling hook was impossible to miss when you turned on the radio. Checking out Confidence Man at Yours and Owls isn’t just advised it’s insisted upon. 


2017 is going to be these guys year. They’ve been hard at work on their debut full-length album and we’re already positively salivating at the thought of the new material to come. Where else but a festival would one debut new material though? So we’ve definitely got that to look forward too. Miller and Tiny Man Bun (not his name he just had a tiny man bun last time I saw them perform and they never mention his name) are two kick-ass dudes with a ripper attitude to music. Slum Sociable are one to mark on your planner fo sure.


If you haven’t gotten your ass down to see one of Montaigne‘s shows either headline or festival slot in the past year then I really suggest you take a look at your life and your life choices and reconsider them. A Triple J artist who’s unafraid to slip into that delightful realm of pop music Montaigne’s clever branding of sophisticated alt artistic pop music is an endearing as an embracing warm hug on a cold winters night. Her shows are as theatrical as a night out on the town, the clever and awkward banter between sets is just as perfect as those high notes she pulls out mid-track. Don’t be a fool put her on your list.


Now unless you’ve been living under a rock then you’ll most likely be fully aware of just who Bec Sandridge is and why you need to be giving her all your attention this year at Yours & Owls. You’re A Fucking Joke has to be one of the greatest tracks that came out of 2016 hands down. Bec’s able to bring fresh life to a genre that at times tends to feel a bit stale and repetitive. On stage she is a force to be reckoned with, holding her own in a lineup of supremely talented veteran artist she is a standout and one that is not to be missed.


An intriguing combination of rock and electronic music Crooked Colours are a group who I’ve been dying to see for the longest times but who’s Sydney shows always falls on days when I’m at work. I am of the opinion that no matter how much you try to resist it is impossible to not break out into a routine of wild flailing limbs going all over the place when you listen to these guys, if you’d like to prove me wrong you’re welcome to, but I don’t think you can. These guys are a big tick on the list of artist to see at Yours and Owls.



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