Samantha Jade‘s career has been a rocky one. She won X Factor way back when, released a series of strong singles and vibrant alluring video clips, tiptoed back and forth across the selling sexy and selling class line multiple times, but somewhere in there we just kind of forgot about her.

That brings us the present day and the release of her newest track Circles On The Water. If you know me then you’d know that I’m constantly begging for there to be a new uprising in the Aussie pop princess world, and Samantha Jade is the best contender for that crown. Whilst she’s not exactly groundbreaking, earth shattering, out of the box creative when it comes to her music what she does she does well, and that’s good safe pop music. The track is light and airy, infused with a tropical drop and dance break moment in the chorus. It definitely redeems her from that God-forbidden Pitbull collab at least.


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