The lead up to The Kite String Tangle releasing his debut LP seems to be one of the longest waits we’ve ever encountered. Throwback to 2014 when Danny was riding high off the release of his Vessel EP, playing gigs left, right and centre and hitting up the stages of every Aussie festival imaginable. The timing felt perfect, he was at the invincible high, then all of a sudden all went quiet. Danny kinda went underground, it was total radio silence from him for almost two and a half years, until 2017 when with an almighty bang and a flash of light TKST was back bigger and better than ever and now on the war path leading up to album 1.

Which leads us to know and the release of the second official single from the upcoming Self Titled Album (Exist Records July 14) The Prize feat. Bridgette Amofah. Hitting the ground running with an utterly euphoric and energetic slice of electronic music The Prize revels in itself basking in the moment, taking it all in and bounding from the speakers through your body making your body react and move out of pure compulsion. Pulsating Electro beats swirl with spacious synths and spellbinding lyricism that’s filled with emotionally charged lines courtesy of Bridgette Amofah whom you may know from her work with Rudimental.


Speaking of the evolution and collaboration behind the track The Kite String Tangle says, “’The Prize’ explores the dynamic between two lovers who can feel the spark getting dimmer and are powerless to change it. It was actually the first track I wrote for the record and initially, it started out as a remix for another artist. I wrote another 20 or 30 songs after this but kept coming back to it as a personal favourite. Bridgette’s vocal added the intensity that I always strive for in my tracks but I’m never able to achieve it with my own vocals”


The Kite String Tangles debut album is due out July 14th via Exist Records and features tracks The Prize, Selfish and also features a collab from another Aussie face Montgomery. You can Preorder the album here.


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