It took a lot longer than 83 days for Wafia to release her solo follow-up to her 2015 XXIX Ep, but I suppose she can be forgiven for that wait when in between she released and toured a collaborative Ep with Ta-Ku.

83 Days is the first glimpse of what I’m told will become the Brisbane-based artist sophomore album that’s rumoured to be lurking around somewhere waiting for a late 2017 release date. Wafia’s distinctive style of hushed and airy RNB meets Electronic sounds continues on with the track with drowned out fluttering percussion and romantic synths blending over one another with a xylophone???? run thrown in there for good measure too.

Wafia says of the song, “This song comes after someone I love wouldn’t stay. I developed an obsession with noting down the ways their absence was so loud and present. How intangible they had become. How intangible the memories I was left with are. How I reminisce on only the highest points of the situation that I know were so bad for me. How something that ceased to exist anymore could be felt constantly.”

83 Days is out now via Future Classic and you bet your sweet Aunt Betty that you can listen to a stream right below.


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