Probably one of Australia’s most slept on pop artist is the Melbourne songstress Evangeline. With a vocal seduction and a production flair that gains her comparisons to Halsey, it is absolutely criminal the level of attention Australian radio is giving to this talented artist.


The latest cut from the Vic native is raw as fuck emotional affair by the name of Write About. Combining trap percussion, strings and heartbreaking vocals Evangeline is tugging at your heart strings, screaming at the walls trying to break free and find a place for herself in the world. Seriously, girl, you got me tearing up over here with this emotional plea of a track. Someone hand me a tissue because you damn hit me with all the feels with this one.

There’s been some teasing of Australian shows to come from Evangeline around the mid-year but nothing solid has been announced just yet. I suppose until then we’re just going to have to sit back and enjoy Write About and her previous hits My Kingdom and Chemicvl. Check out the latest below.



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