Woodes is amazing. There I said it. There’s no denying it, you’ll just have to accept Woodes as your musical saviour. After an absolutely phenomenal 2016 that saw the Melbourne electronic angel release her debut self-titled EP and play alongside the likes of Montaigne, LANKS, Ngaiire and grace the stage at Beyond The Valley for the New Years celebration I’m beyond stoked to see that she’ll be heading off on her debut headline tour this July.



Stated as the tour in support of her NEW SINGLE Run For It (yet to be released) Woodes will be hitting up the majors along the East Coast of Australia playing Brighton Up Bar in Sydney, Workers Club in Melbourne and Black Bear Lodge in Melbourne in what will no doubt be a night of bewitching and bewildering electronic splendour the like of which have not been seen since that time I saw Stevie Nicks.

If you’re after a taste of the action then we have all the details below for your viewing pleasure. Tickets are currently on sale and not going to lie that I bought mine pretty much the instant I saw them on sale because. I. Have. No. Chill. With. Music.

On Sale Now!

Saturday 8th July | Workers Club, Melbourne
Tickets here

Friday 14th July | Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Tickets here

Saturday 15th July | Brighton Up Bar, Sydney
Tickets here


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