Brisbane’s garage-pop lovelies Major Leagues have swooned their way into our hearts with their powerful branding of DIY pop music. As we creep our way into May we start to count down the days till the release of the group’s debut album Good Love which is due June 16th.


Talking of the album’s creation process lead-singer Anna Davidson explains, “We went into the studio planning on recording 5 or 6 songs and came out with 12, which was weird… but cool. This is definitely the most collaborative thing we’ve ever done, which I think comes through in the sound of the record. It sounds more natural and cohesive than our previous stuff. Usually, Jaimee and I have very separate writing processes (especially after I moved to Melbourne), but with a lot of these songs, we built them from the ground up together.”

The album is due out June 16th via Popfrenzy/Caroline and will feature the much-loved title track Good Love which you can hear below. Pre-order the album right here.


1. Swimming Out
2. Mess Up
3. Jaimee and Anna
4. Good Love
5. Curls
6. It Was Always You
7. Sweet Angel
9. Holiday
10. Don’t Wanna
11. Dream Away
12. How Will The Heart Know


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