Melbourne’s resident electronic enigma Running Touch is a man to be reckoned with. Steadily building a repertoire of slow jams, electronic danceable bangers and soul infused grooves he’s seemingly coming from out of nowhere to be a reoccurring name on Festival lineups and support slots around town.

His debut extended body of work titled A Body Slow gives us unprecedented access into the life and times that have gone about to create the Running Touch project. An Ep littered with an array of beautiful and awe-inspiring tracks that demonstrate a unique and unquestionable talent that has pushed him to the front of the pack.



Opening the EP with a heavily and emotional track like She’s Waiting seems like a ballsy move but it pays off. Gritty atmospheric synths and hushed, breathy vocals weave their way through the track that opens the EP with weight behind it. Where the first track presents the EP as a heavy and emotional track it’s follow-up Courtesy Of breaths a fresh upbeat breathe into the body of work something that is followed through by lead single Lonely. Running Touch is clearly not afraid to switch up the genres he dabbles with throughout the EP. You can’t really call it just one genre, there’s littering of different inspirations from different genres and soundscapes throughout the EP making it versatile sonically and never predictable.


Running Touch takes you on a journey through the visceral with his first extended body of work. Showcasing an artist who’s ability to blend and morph between genres and emotional effortlessly A Body Slow gives you just enough to hook you into the world of Running Touch and leave you craving more. A Body Slow is a drug you just can’t get enough of and Running Touch is the enigmatic dealer. Catch Running touch on tour this April – May + stream his full EP below.



Upcoming Running Touch Shows

Friday 19 May | Elsewhere, Gold Coast
Saturday 20 May | The Foundry, Brisbane

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