It’s been over three years since the ever lineup changing band from our indie-kid youth Paramore were down under thrashing around to the tracks from their self-titled 4th studio album.

Whilst the lineup seems to have changed and re-arranged a few times over the past few years the one thing that has remained is the infectious indie-rock stylings that feel oh so right, a tradition that lives on with the announcement of their 5th studio album and new track Hard Times.



Boasting electro-pop meets tropical infused indie pop the new sound of Paramore comes as a bit of a refresh to the more rock based tracks that we grew up loving from albums like Riot! and All We Know Is Falling. It might be far fetched to say that Hayley Williams recent collab on Bury It rework with Scotish Synth Pop band CHVRCHES and playing Parahoy together might have left a bit of an impression on the young artist and perhaps even influenced this new sound… but I’m not saying it couldn’t have.

For those out there who hate the long waits we normally have to go through between lead singles and album releases will be rejoicing because Paramore doesn’t believe in that crap it seems with the new album After Laughter due for its release in under a month on May 12th. You can check out the full track listening for their 5th studio album + view the neon-tinged, glitchy and wonderful music video for Hard Times below.


Paramore – After Laughter

Pre-order Here

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