MS MR’s frontwoman Lizzy Plapinger proves she’s no one trick pony with the first cut from her fresh solo project LPX with the frantic and explosive debut Tightrope.

The fuzzy and dramatic departure from the electro-pop sound of MS MR has me asking who is this girl? The change is so dramatic yet the new fuzzy low-fi rock meets pop edge that’s injected into this project works so fucking well. The frantic beats and hazy guitar riffs that litter the track wrapped around Lizzy’s distorted vocals and scuzzy sound. It’s bolder, bigger and more in your face than we’ve ever seen Lizzy and completely fits with her personality. LPX is a whole new side of the American artist, showing a new face of the artist that we’ve all come to love over the years.

Tightrope is as infectious as anything else that is graced by Lizzy’s surreal vocal, and best listened to with the volume being blasting at the top of the scale. Check it and the neon coloured beast of a video clip for the track below.

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