Toronto born LA transplant pop artist Allie X has for a long time held a special place in my heart for her witty and ultimately dark lyrics that saunter above vibrant pop production. Juxtaposition is something that Allie X has nailed down and has created a fine art of.

Whilst Miss X has for a long time been perhaps best known for her work writing and producing for artist like Troye Sivan (Talk Me Down, Youth, Lost Boy, Suburbia, For Him, Bite) her latest track Paper Love is making some traction worldwide for the quirky Mistress of X and perhaps it’s about time we all got addicted to what she’s dealing.


An ode to the cyclical love that hurts so good and you want to believe it’s everything you need in life (but eventually it just fucks you over) Paper Love skips around the line between dark and dreamy. Allie X lays it all out in the chorus as she sings sweetly ‘Oh, I  know that boy’s gonna rip me up / cause he ain’t that nice / he won’t do right / he’ll leave a nasty cut / oh, I cry until I just dissolve \ come and watch my heart to pulp like paper, paper love”. With lyrics like that you might be expecting a soft-cooed ballad but that’s not Allie X’s style instead, the chorus cascades into a deep swaggering bass riff and ghostly whistling making you want more.

You can check out the track below as well as the other tracks Allie X has released from her Collxtion series in the playlist below. Her sophomore album Collxtion II is due out June 9th via Twin Music Inc and is available for preorder HERE.

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