Lush and sweeping London quartet Colouring have ushered into this world a piece of dreamy and transcendent indie-rock with their latest track  The Wave. The London group have all the dreamy makings of the next big buzz band poised to hit the international circuit and I’m hating myself for not keying into their brilliant sound earlier.


A stirring symphony of hushed percussion, sleek guitars and steadily evolving and transforming synths The Wave lives up to its name, crashing over you as you listen, enveloping you in its sweet sadness and bringing a strange sense of melancholy to you. Speaking about the track singer and chief songwriter Jack Kenworthy says, “Aside from the melody I was really dragging my feet and unsure what direction to take the sound in this one…We had a feel for what it was but it wasn’t moving me at that point. The rest of the band felt it needed a mellow approach and it really came to life when we started recording them on it. So I can thank the rest of the boys for making it stick out! Throughout the recording process we were referencing the first Velvet Underground record and songs like U2’s ‘With Or Without You’.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just discovering the band or have been around for a while all that matters really is that we all get-together and appreciate this slice of pure unadulterated music for the beauty that it is. There are few things in this world that I am certain of, but one of those few things is that Colouring is a band that should be required listening for everyone out there in the world. Colouring definitely has a bright and colourful future ahead of them that’s for sure.

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