Jack St. James and Alice Fox form the two parts of enigmatic London-based electro-pop act Avec Sans, a band that have been giving me chills since I first heard their track Heartbreak Hi back in 2012. We Are, the latest single, lifted from the album quickly became a fan favourite and now the duo have revamped the track with a new mix and a new music video ready for pop domination.

A mixture of enormous synth banger and celestial electro ballad the revamped edition of We Are delivers a swift punch to the face with it’s sweeping chorus’ filled with cascading synths and punchy percussion. Mixed by Max Dingel, mastered by Mandy Parnell and Co-Produced by Benbrick the 2017 edition has built on the original pushing it forward and upping the ante to make it a track that really jumps at you.


Alice’s vocals cut through the waves of synths throughout the track cooing lyrics of encouragement and perseverance.  The track dives head first into the chorus from the beginning proudly accounting itself with the echoed statement ‘We Are.” A vibrant rainbow of electronic flourishes and danceable moments wash over you through the track as you find yourself compelled to let yourself be free of your day to day weighted down life and just be free in that exquisite moment.




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