Through the masses of Australian electronica producers that have presented themselves through the past years revived by the sudden accelerated stardom of Flume comes an artist who’s vibe stands out from the rest. Lower Spectrum comes from the same label that has bought us most recently Sable the new track Proxima is just the first taste of what will be the New Haze EP.

Proxima achieves a kind of euphoric state of grace within itself. The track is richly layered with ominous harmonies, complex and up-lifting percussion patterns. An intricate structure built upon a sophisticated and well thought out frame work of synths and vocal samples. It’s a mesmerizing piece of Australian electronic production, Proxima presents itself as something different amongst the sea of familiar produced tracks that we hear today.

Pushing his own boundaries as well as changing up the vibe of differing genres which sometimes clash and fight against each other in the track which leads to a kind of beautiful, chaotic and sublime feeling within the track. The first taste of New Haze EP has me bubbling under the surface with anticipation. Probably the first time that I’m looking forward to a haze to be honest. Check out the track below;



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