Fresh off of a massive tour with one of the hottest and most talked about UK breakout bands of 2015, Aussie Oscar Key Sung is now getting ready to play a showcase at Sydney’s EMCPlay 2015. Oscar’s second EP, Altruism, saw him hitting up stages on the east coast and bringing live shows that felt like something special to the crowds. A head of his performance at EMCPlay I had a little Q&A with the man, the enigma, the master Oscar Key Sung to talk about touring, EMC and Music in general.

You’re coming off touring Europe and opening for Years & Years, what has that experience been like?It’s bizarre how any lifestyle can quickly turn into a routine. I became accustomed to the constant moving pretty easily, and to be honest being back home has felt strangely unfamiliar and slow. I’m still not used to it just yet, but will adapt soon enough. There was a pretty wide range of shows throughout the tour, from sweaty clubs in Berlin to sunny out door festivals in Portugal, so that kept things interesting. I feel like I’m still processing everything that I took in whilst I was away, I have most likely learned a bunch of stuff, but I’m not yet sure of what nature and to what extent.

What’s the European reception been like?
All round it was super positive, people had a lot of time for me and Andy throughout all of our shows together, and it was the same for my solo sets.

How many times have you had someone point out you have an accent whilst overseas?
A few I’ll admit. A couple of people thought I was South African too. Its funny though, most people I meet seem to be pretty terrible at identifying the Australian accent, not to mention impersonating our accent. So hilarious trying to teach people the “country Australian” accent.

It’s a long flight back to Australia from the UK, how do you keep yourself occupied whilst in transit?
Sometimes I work on beats and stuff. I often write really big “dear diary” style ruminations, or short stories. I’m usually too hard on myself to write much, but I guess because its a bit of a “nothing space” up in the air, its easy to just write without feeling any pressure.

I also of course end up watching a bunch of movies I would never usually consider, and getting really into them. Again, must be a no pressure thing. I watched Alien again. So good. The Score is genius too, the way so much of it is cut out, or mixed in really low. So much tension.

Do you have anything big planned for your showcase?
Not especially, but I figure I can be a bit creative with it and not just play song after song. I’ll probably try out a few odd ball tracks that I maybe wouldn’t risk on a festival slot.

What can an audience expect out of an Oscar Key Song set?
I tend to change it up pretty regularly, but generally its lots of strange cinematic transitions, too much bass, and singing.

Has the live show grown and changed since your tour earlier in the year?
Not as much as I would have liked. I am incredibly keen to develop a live set with a few other people on stage. I love playing solo, but it would be really great to have some other musicians on stage, partly to justify more instrumental sections in the music.

The Australian music scene feels really strong right now, is that a feeling you get being an artist in the scene?
Ye,s I would have to agree its strong at the moment. I think its generally a super cool time to be making music.

When it all comes down to it at the end of the day what’s the most important part about being an artist for you?
I think you need to follow your instincts and believe in your ideas. And like anything you just need to work really really hard.


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