Melbourne based producer / multi-instrumentalist and singer Owen Rabbit has been one of the 2015’s breakthrough stories. His first single ‘Holy Holy’ had picked up national and international coverage leading to Owen’s recent trip to the States to perform a series of showcases. Owen’s heartfelt real-talk lyrics and left of centre production has really launched him and set him apart from other artist at the moment. His new track ‘Denny’s’ continues the frank and autobiographical lyricism and takes it to a level of raw unleashed emotion.

Grungy low-fi guitars and breathy sampling the track has a kind of DIY bedroom production charm about it. With a rapid fire pulsating chorus that perhaps overshadows the heart wrenching lyrics underneath the track kind of hits you like a brick, suddenly and all at once. The feels are high in this track, it’s clear to anyone that listens to the track that Owen has been through a lot you honestly feel for the guy.

Owen’s vocal fluctuates throughout the track, completely unleashed, abrasive, embracing the power of his cracked and sometimes wobbly delivery. His vocals perhaps best coney the message and story behind the track.

Speaking of his past and what has shaped his sound Owen  explains, “I suffer from depression and anxiety. One night of panic attacks and delirium in Los Angeles was a catalyst for a long journey through different therapist, doctors and dosages. I’m in a better place now. I’m glad I got help. I”m lucky that I have music in my life. Denny’s is about that night and how I changed.

Listen below.


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