Sometimes when I have to write about certain artist by the time I’m finished writing about their accomplishments and all the cool shit they’re doing I often feel very inadequate. Joy. is definitely one of them. The Sassy Future Queen of The Universe has managed to accomplish so much is such a short amount of time at the young age of 18 (Happy Birthday Bish!) that I’m kinda jealous. That being said she is probably my favourite young artist out there at the moment. Obsession with Sweatpants, Pringles, Pugs and Nuggets… gurl is all types of goals and that’s exactly what we talked about in this Q&A.

Hey girl, been forever since I last did an Interview with you and you’ve done so much in such a short time. How you feeling?
HelloOooooo! It has! I’m feeling pretty wrecked to be honest, so much happening and I have terrible sleeping habits.

This time next year will you be Ultimate Sassy Queen of the Melancholy Pop World?
I hope so

Is world domination on your outlook?
hahaha, I only want to dominate the world so that I can give free chicken nuggets to everyone. That would seriously be dope though, I’m sure someone like Beyoncé has the power to allow free chicken nugget vending machines. That would also help the homeless too, as well as feeding me, so win, win.

You’re hectically busy these days, how do you stay so on the ball and constantly going?
To be honest I am still trying to figure that out, I really have no idea

The Ode EP was a huge success, round of applause all over the place for you. See on snapchat you’re in the studio still a lot, are you working on a follow up already?
Thank you! I’ve been in the studio producing for a lot of other people actually. I haven’t had much time to write for a new EP, but I’ve got a couple of ideas. I have this crazy abundance of beats with other vocalists on them though, so I’m thinking about maybe putting out a beatape.

You’ve only released ‘About Us’ as a single so far, will other tracks from the EP get the single / video treatment too?
I’m hoping to do a couple of videos for the songs on the EP. Still need to decide which ones can have the most powerful visual accompaniment.

Speaking of videos you just unleashed ‘About Us’ video on us and it’s so unbelievably beautiful and really striking, did you write the treatment yourself or was it a collaborative work with the director?
Eee thankyou! It was actually put together by a whole team. Matthew thorne directed the clip, and Ellen Fraser produced it. They put together a treatment that catered to what I was imagining visually and then we worked together to create it. I really dig how the textures they used match the sounds, it’s crazy.

If you were given a big hollywood budget what would be your like dream location / treatment for a video? No holds barred.
Haha I actually have a book full of random film clip ideas that I come up with randomly all the time, that would never suit my music. I don’t want to share any though because they’re gold, (duh) but I think I would just do a super wanky video clip of me driving 10 different expensive cars through the countryside in Italy or something. I don’t even know.

If someone had told you four years ago that you’d be where you are now, would you of believed them?
Definitely not, I thought I was going to be a doctor (lol).

You’ll be off on tour soon, are you super pumped?
I’m actually super pumped to get back into doing shows, I’ve been in America for a while writing and I am starting to miss performing. I have lots of ideas to bring into my show when I go on this tour.

Will we be hearing any unreleased goodies on the tour?
Heck yes. So many.

Let’s change it up a bit. Why aren’t you sponsored by Adidas yet? You’ve got to be their #1 female representative in music?
Right? ADIDAS where u at pls

What’s your go to piece of #Fashn? Do you have like a wardrobe staple?
To be honest sweats are like my go to thing, unfortunately. I wear track pants to most events and pretend I’ve intentionally dressed like a homeless person, when actually I’m just lazy AF

Will the Ode EP tour see some merch? I’d very much like to rock some type of JOY. merch… perhaps with a Pug on the front wearing red lipstick eating BBQ shapes?
I like where you’re going with this …..I’mma look into that asap, because it needs to happen. Super Low key, I love it.

If you had to live without one for the rest of your life would you choose puppies or pringles?
Why would you do this to me… I would probably go pringles, because there other chips in the world, along with pringle impersonating chips.

Going further if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life which option would you choose between, Pringles, BBQ Shapes, Nutella or Chicken Nuggets?
Again, why would you do this, this is getting ridiculous. I’d probably eat chicken nuggets, only because they seem like the most staple type of food out of all of the above options. I’d definitely die if I only ate nugs for the rest of my life though.

Joy. will be hitting the road in the coming months in support of her debut EP on the Ode EP Tour, not only that though you’ll be able to see her at some of the biggest parties across the NYE festivities. Dates and info below as well as the super cool vid for her latest track About Us.


30th October | Cats, Adelaide SA | Tickets At The Door

6th November | Shebeen, Melbourne VIC | Tickets

13th November | The Foundry, Brisbane QLD | Tickets

14th November | Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth WA | Tickets At The Door

20th November | Goodgod Small Club, Sydney NSW | Tickets

Beyond The Valley

29th December – 1st January | Lardner Park, VIC | Tickets

Field Day

1st January | The Domain, Sydney NSW | Tickets

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