Semplesize Squad was on the prowl for good time vibes on Saturday night. Being the first time that three of us had all been under the same roof / area ever we were all buzzing and beyond pumped by the time we got to The Corner Hotel in Richmond. Dressed to the nines in Adidas swag primed and ready to dance we were ready for power rocket Tkay Maidza and her supports.

First up for the night and bringing a real fiyah too the stage in their matching streamlined Adidas sweats was Sydney duo Porsches who were joined on stage by their own drummer (who also continued the matching Adidas trend). It would be easy to think that Porsches were seasoned veterans on stage and not a fairly newly formed group. There music is kind of slightly left of centre chilled out pop music with lyrics that don’t always make logical sense (but who needs logic really?).

I think the best part of there set (if not Semplesize joining them on stage during Horses for jumping jacks and dance offs) was the upbeat energy they bought to the place. Lets face it, most of the people there probably didn’t exactly know who these guys were, but I know (cause I had to fill in a few people around me) that they left the stage having their fan base grown in numbers from that night.

Second support for the night was the duo Willow Beats whom I must admit for myself seemed like an odd choice for the crowd. Where Porsches had pumped up the crowd Willow Beats kind of chilled us all out a bit. Their set combined quite an eclectic sonic range. There was a few flute solos which at some point was actually being spun around like a baton along side some dance moves that can only be described as FKA Twigs meets Tai Chi master. It was an interesting set but there was perhaps a bit too many dance breaks for my liking, I dunno. Maybe that’s just me.

So I hadn’t mentioned yet but us in the front row by this point had pretty much became blind. The Corner Hotel is often a hard place to get the lighting right but I think we just had the unfortunate pleasure of all being just the right height so that the stage lighting was thrown right into our eyes. Blind as we may have been though there was no way you could miss pocket rocket Tkay Maidza when she took the stage by force.

I think this year alone my Tkay performance counter before the Corner was at 5 so you could say this wasn’t my first rodeo. Bouncing around the stage like a bottle of cola that’s mad mentos added to it Tkay razor sharp witty lyrics sounded out through The Corner. I don’t know where this girl gets her energy from but it is insane!!! The whole room was vibing off her as we jumped, tweaked and even vogued along to classics like Switch Lanes, Brontosaurus, and (the best track to ever come out of Australia ever) U-Huh.

It wasn’t just the Tkay classics that I’ve came to love and admire which got spun by resident deck master L.K McKayTkay freshened up her set with a healthy dose of new material which ranged from a sweetly synth heavy track to a harder hip-hop vibing tracks. She’s also changed up her set also from the classic Switch Tape feel set where the songs would all be mixed into one another, now tracks have clear finishes and we’re getting a bit more of a taste of fully finished tracks that are just itching for their studio releases.

The night was rolling down but by no means was Tkay losing any of that energy. Infact it seemed the longer we got into her set the more dance moves she pulled out, hands flying everywhere whipping her hair all over the place like a Willow Smith song. Finishing the night with the invigorating M.O.B she had us all in the palm of her hand. Bass blared, strobe lights sent the room into seizures in the drop that had every single person in that place thrashing about like their life depended on it. Really I didn’t want it to end.

Originally posted on Semplesize.


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