Darkly cinematic in it’s scope Lana Del Rey’s third LP Honeymoon see’s a swaying away from the guitar driven tracks of Ultraviolence and back toward the old Hollywood feel of her first two releases. Honeymoon can stand alone as one of the stand out albums of 2015 with its lush film noire old romance nostalgia which drips from the strings and floats effervescently with Del Rey’s vocal.

The album’s titled track is a spine tingling track that swells with the sudden strings and cascades with soft piano keys. Del Rey’s vocal raises from ghostly whispers to stark pleas throughout the album showing the contrast which she is capable of achieving. Music To Watch Boys To and God Knows I Tried are both tracks where Lana’s love for creeping guitar licks and lush melodies are evident.

The albums first single High By The Beach is a definite stand out amongst the other elegant and whimsical tracks. The track calls back to previous works where strings, synths and noirish-beats all combine with perfect clarity in the song.

Among the other tracks stand outs for me include Freaks (deep kicks, siren vocals and subtly flutters), Art Deco (a track that could of easily been something you’d find on Paradise) and Blackest Day (eerie which such beauty and emotion that it could swell a tear in the eye of the toughest listener). Honeymoon showcases contrasts of sepia toned tracks and the entire album feels like you’re listing to it through an Instagram filter.

With her last release Lana kind of ignored Australia with her touring schedule despite every punter out there insisting that she’d be part of some Festival at some point. It’s understandable though, Ultraviolence was an album that deviated from what some saw as Lana’s signature style and the album didn’t do quite as well as hoped. With Honeymoon though she’s got that whimsy that was captured with Born To Die and Paradise that made both those releases so special and magical. Fingers crossed this album will see Lana return to Aussie shores even if only for one show. Honeymoon is definitely the daydreamy symphony that we’ve all been waiting for.


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