Paradise is a darkly ominous place if I am to believe the vibe from Noella Nix’s latest track. Hailing from the sunny Gold Coast but creating darkly witchy-pop music the location x artist relationship is a stark contrast between the two. Noella Nix’s tracks ooze with a rich vocal and trip-pop inspired beat which all cumulate into this package of alternate-pop perfection.

Paradise is one of those tracks which doesn’t need elaborate production to make it beautiful. Instead the track embraces a kind of simplified approach where the different scenes and sounds work harmoniously together. The production and the vocals match in their fluidity and natural smoothness. It’s almost as if the entire track is one large living organism with the parts all working together with the singular goal which is this case is to create a beautiful piece of alternate/astral pop music.

Check out the track below, and hopefully in the future we’ll get to see Noella Nix on tour, because I for one would love to see her live show.

Originally posted on Semplesize.


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