The angelic voice behind one of 2015’s biggest tracks ‘High’ has finally debuted her very own track and it goes by the name of Wait. The entire nation knows her name by now but till know none of us really knew what a solo track by Sydney sider was going to sound like. Turns out that angelic vocal from Peeking Duk was only the tip of the iceberg of beauty that is Nicole Millar .

Wait is a track that is built upon a steadily evolving soundscape and percussion. The track feels organic and like a living being rather than just an electronic production. Millar’s angelic vocals paint pictures in your mind filled with subdued tones of pink and blue. Your limbs relax with the verses and your mind opens up to the stunning beauty of the chorus’ darling vocal and enveloping production. Wait is an experience in its own, one that comes with a full body take over.

A stunning debut track for an exceptional and talented artist, Nicole Millar is fast on track to becoming one of the best female Aussie artist out there at the moment. You know what actually I’ll go beyond that and say best artist in general. In a genre that is typically dominated by males Nicole is a defiant force that’s awakening to take the crown. Watch out, she’s coming for you.

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