Orches… I bet you’re already saying it wrong (think like Orca whales). Well it doesn’t really matter how you pronounce the name just yet just as long as you can spell it and search it because he is one guy we all should be keeping our eye on based off the first taste of his debut EP the track titled Denial.

A sweet marriage of swirling synths, rock drums and a grinding guitars Denial sonically is a solid slice of Indietronica. Closest comparisons for Orches stylings might be drawn from artist like The Kite String Tangle, Youth Group and even a little Oasis. Classically trained as a Jazz pianist Orches (aka Jordan Donnelly) has created an elaborately layered track that comes across as refined, and beautiful in its execution.

Lyrically speaking the track is heavily charged with a political message speaking of the ignorance and moral and ethical failings of Government. In Orches words, “It’s a self reflection on waking up and taking interest in what has been happening in our country lately. I wanted to explore and respond to finding a voice in some of the most important conversations our leaders are having — or not having.”

The debut and a string of live shows are on the horizon for Orches when his self titled 4 track EP drops this coming November. There’s a fire about him, you can hear it in his music. There’s something special happening here. Orches is probably the best new artist you’re probably not listening to yet… so get on it.


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