Remember those good old times when The O.C was the biggest thing to happen in the world? Waiting up on Monday nights to watch Seth and Summer cute back and forth and brooding sexy Ryan in his white wife beaters? Those were the days. You may also remember back then that The O.C had some of the best indie music of the time. Forward thinking, carving out the playlists of my teen years definitely The O.C had it all. So this all got me thinking, what would the soundtrack to The O.C look like if someone decided to remake the series today? Well I spent a long time thinking about this and it has lead to me this creation.  The O.C 2015 Vol. 1.

EVANGELINE – MY KINDGOMThe first track to grace our The O.C reimagined playlist comes from Geelong artist Evangeline. The O.C played some of the best emerging Electronic artist of the time on their show. There are actually quite a few artist who are big today who say their first real attention being given to them from that show. Evangeline’s My Kingdom is a graceful electronica track rich with ambition and emotional feeling. Evangeline is one of the most exciting new artist of 2015 and we definitely think she would be the type of music played on The O.C.

ORCHES – DENIALThe sound of The O.C was all about that politically charged indie forward thinking sound. Music that would appeal to not only the ears but whose message and lyrics would resonate with the youth and cause a reaction and make them think bigger. This is exactly what Orches is doing currently with his new single Denial. It’s electronica and rock infusion with a political message behind it, this track would definitely make it onto The O.C.

E^ST – THE ALLEYIt’s a brooding kind of angst-y indie-pop track that you’d might imagine playing in the background whilst brooding Ryan ran down the boardwalk or took out some anger on a punching bag. E^ST had impeccable tastes when it comes to her music. It’s that right mix of 80’s Michael Jackson synths and a little gritty percussion that’s all really bought together nicely with her kind of rusty breathy vocal.

WINTERBOURNE – TO GET TO KNOW YOUSeason Four of The O.C saw the introduction of The Baitshop, a kind of scummy pub / live music venue on the dock which actually saw some pretty big names appear on their lineup. I feel like these days at the Baitshop we’d see some folky alterna-pop headline the stage. So who better than aussie boys Winterbourne who’s new track To Get To Know You is the kind of melancholy guitar folky magic that we’ve come to love would echo through the Baitshop sound system.

EVES THE BEHAVIOR – ELECTRICALThe iconic scene at the end of Season 1 when it’s raining Cohen is on the roof trying to fix a satellite dish wearing a Spiderman mask, then he slips and is hanging upside down in the rain calling for help then all of a sudden Summer arrives and after a big speech the two kiss in the rain upside down… remember that? Well if the drum roll from Eves The Behaviors track is the speech and that big last chorus comes crashing in just as they start to kiss then bam this track is absolutely perfect for this!! Urgh the emosh feels.

SLUM SOCIABLE – PARADIGMMixes of sampled dirty electronica and jazz pop pulled together by a vocal reminiscent of Brandon Flowers, Slum Sociables new track Paradigm is a quirky taste of music that would make it perfectly adapted to the hit TV show. The O.C was all about bringing what was new, different, forward thinking to the youth culture, and this track is definitely one to give a listen to.

PHOEBE RYAN – MINEThis piece of bubblegum pop music is the kind of thing you might of found Summer listening to whilst relaxin by the pool during her Barbie era Seasons 1-2. The O.C always did find a place for some pop music mixed into the brit-pop / alternate sound that the show went for.  Ryan’s track is bubblegum but beautiful, so don’t pidgin hole it, give it a chance… The O.C would of.

HEDGE FUND – BOYFRIEND; This is indie-rock, this is what pretty much made the soundtrack to The O.C so good. The track is filled with a vigorous unashamed energy and power which rocks throughout the entirety of the track. There’s a savagery to the track, it’s very aggressive yet not in a like in your face imma take you out kind of way. It’s a track you’d hear blasting out of car windows or the pump up song for someone’s Saturday night.

JOY. – ABOUT USMoody. Heavy. Magical. Yeah that’s a pretty good description of Joy.’s latest track About Us. It’s the right combination of emotional teenage angst that we’ve all been through at some time in our past, it’s probably why the emotions conveyed in the track are so easily accessible. The track is one that really demands to be felt when you listen to it. I’m not sure how Joy. has done it but by the end of the year she’ll probably be supreme sassy overlord of all music.


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