When I saw E^ST perform her midday set this year at Groovin’ The Moo Maitland I was in awe. She was an act that I hadn’t heard before but standing there in that paddock watching her I was enthralled. When I heard that she was about to head off on her first headliner set of shows I knew in that moment that come hell or high water I wanted to be at that show. So I made it happen. Three hours train ride from Newcastle down to Sydney later and I was standing on the left hand side of the stage enthralled once again.

Kitted out on stage backed by a full band the young E^ST took to the Goodgod stage much like a duck to water. From her opening note there wasn’t any trace of registable fear on her face like you might expect from someone facing down a crowd full of strangers.

Performing tracks from her two EP’s plus some special little extras there was a versatility to E^ST’s performance. Shuddering synths of tracks like Disappear and Old Age filled the Goodgod dance hall. Disappear was definitely one of my favourite tracks from the night. The track played live almost has a Michael Jackson feel to it and E^ST really showcases the differing levels to her vocals from low shudders to loud cries.

At one point during the night a guitar was bought onto the stage for E^ST and funnily enough the guitar was about the same size as the pint-sized E^ST. That didn’t stop her playing her fingers moving quickly and intricately whilst she crooned along with the riffs.

If ever there was a moment during the night that the beat really took me and started to move my feet it was during The Alley the title track from her latest EP. The live percussion echoed through the place with the stunning vocals and it was infectious. I’m not actually 100% sure how to accurately describe the experience that is The Alley live. It could be that deep persuasions or the uplifting piano chords and the sublime vocal tone that E^ST brings (if I had to make a comparison I would compare it to Megan Washington).

I guess you could say that I’m a bit of an E^ST fan boy well and truly after her show at Goodgod. If you haven’t wizened yourself up to her then you should get onto it because she is going / already is one of the best Aussie acts breaking in 2015.

Originally created for Semplesize.com

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