THE 1975 | LOVE ME

So first they disappeared from the face of the earth for a few days and then returned with a new colour scheme and cryptic messages about their own evolution. Then came the tour announcements, everywhere all over the world dates were announced and the cryptic messages continued. Then two weeks ago BAM!!! there was a countdown go live across all their socials. I’ll tell ya what The 1975 sure know how to tease.

With the new track Love Me it’s not just the colour scheme of the bad that seems to have undergone a transformation, it’s an entirely new perhaps even more pop sound for the Manchester band. Matty has long had his onstage charismatic and sexual performances compared to the late Michael Hutchence from INXS something that the band has fully taken on and embraced by the sound of this track. A guitar riff that seems to be inspired by the Aussie group jams its way throughout the laid-back pop-rock track.

Love Me is perhaps equal parts Bowie and INXS and it really is something quite different for the group. Whilst the self titled debut album had a bit more grittier brit rock edge to it Love Me could easily find it’s home on the local commercial radio station. Funked out 80’s synth and Matty’s screaming vocals all give the track just a heavy throw back feel. It seems the group might also be heading in a more political / social commentary outlook with the new material if this track isn’t anything to judge by.

The 1975 will be hitting up Australia in January and yes there are still some tickets left for the slowpokes out there who haven’t grabbed theirs yet. I’m sure we’ll have a whole host of new tracks to sing along to with the boys by then.


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